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The Burgundy region is a wonderful mix of unspoiled countryside, historical towns and monuments, many of them a result of the illustrious and wealthy past of the region, and is also well known for the exceptional Burgundy wines produced here.

The former region of Burgundy is famous worldwide for its fine wines and the vineyards attract many tourists, however, much of the rest of the region, especially the Franche-Comté area, is largely unknown. Yet it is home to rolling countryside that varies from the Jura mountain range to large forests, historic châteaux and religious buildings, beautiful villages and a scattering of major towns, including Dijon.

World Famous Wine Routes

Wine enthusiasts will also appreciate the chance to see the vineyards and sample such renowned wines as Chablis, Beaune, Macon and Nuits-Saint-Georges, just a few of those produced in this region of France and another excellent reason to visit!

This is the region of fine wine and throughout the year, Burgundy moves to the rhythm of numerous wine festivals and events. A historic and iconic event in Burgundy in the autumn is the wine auction of the Hospices de Beaune which has taken place for over 150 years in the month of November. This great charity event offers Grands crus and Premiers crus up for auction, while offering street performances and tastings to visitors.

Regional Gastronomy

The region’s gastronomy will surely tempt your taste buds. Wonderful Charolais beef bred and raised in Burgundy that of course is accompanied by the famous Dijon mustard. Snails a local delicacy in the region, the Escargot de Bourgogne is a species of the little mollusc whose recipe can be found in the books of many traditional cooks across France. The Bresse poultry, which have achieved international acclaim for their quality and unique taste are celebrated every year with the Glorieuse de Bresse festival.

No French region would be complete without its very own cheeses, and boy does Burgundy have some! Try the pungent Epoisses with its yellow outer layer, the limited edition Citeaux with only 100,000 cheeses being produced every year. The only one missing is Le Charolais goats’ cheese made in the Saône-et-Loire – one of the many PDOs held by regional producers.

Château de Chailly

At Château de Chailly you will discover a historic Château, near the vineyards, and one of the best golf courses in Burgundy. Chateau de Chailly is a former 16th century fortress, listed as a historical monument, located in the heart of the Burgundy countryside, within easy reach of the region's largest vineyards. The hotel has 45 rooms and suites equipped with all modern comforts. At the restaurant L'Armançon or at the bistrot Le Rubillon, you will discover classical cuisine revisited for the pleasure of the taste buds.

Tailored Holiday Packages

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